Moaning lisa + face face + black bats + kelso

Moaning Lisa are four Canberra music grads who find purpose in making loud noises together. Taking cues from the likes of Wolf Alice and Pixies, Moaning Lisa operate somewhere between composed restraint and fuzzed-out, life-affirming alternative rock. They create an atmosphere entirely of their own in their masterful live shows that see them consistently pack out venues across the board. ~~


Thrilled to bring these fuzz angels to Melbourne for a headline show and have picked some stunning locals to join the party.

Lauren, Luke & Tina are your new favourite band. You’re gonna lose it when they drop their record..

BLACK BATS Garage surf rock and roll baby! Straight up.

KELSO (first show)
Is dreamo a genre? Cute weird songs for cute weird people. The new project from Kelly of Camp Cope !!!