Adi Bobcat + Josh Romig + Maddy Jane

Frozen for 8 months in the depths of a love unrequited, Adi Bobcat whittled away at a few songs to bring back from that long, dark journey. He plays this series of synth folk ballads for the first time on stage this Sunday May 29.
Joining him will be long-time folkaholic and lover of sombre sobriety, Josh Romig. Romig’s music is as a winding road, glinting with positivity while a shroud of mist thickens around the bend… Tethering introspective lyrics to a post of contemporary storytelling, Romig will whisk you away into a land of whimsy and then drop you four stories into a ball pit of distress, thankfully there is luminescence at the end of the…. Balls.
Maddy Jane is a local Tasmanian artist producing a stream of catchy indie music with a genuine lyrical story. With influences such as Paul Kelly, Courtney Barnett and Little Birdy, her Australian music background is front and centre in her sound.
Maddy Jane writes songs that we immediately want to sing along to. Her captivating vocal delivery and uplifting indie pop sound are the making of moving musical moments.” -Aphra Mag