Adore + Beloved Elk + Footy

Adore started playing shows and recording demos around the 2016 new year. Their music can be described as experimental rock played with bass, drums, guitars and voices. After some great shows with some local legends, they started recording what is to be their debut record due some time next year. Adore’s sound is fluid and references punk, jazz, post-rock and post-hardcore.

Beloved Elk reformed as a two-woman hustle in 2013. Obsessed with dynamics, subtlety and candid storytelling, the duo offer a wild improvised approach to live shows. Amy and Tina seamlessly feed off and into each other’s musical space with dramatic cuts of unplanned silence, screams and banter.
‘Close’ was released on LISTEN Records, a feminist record label based in Melbourne, in Feb 2016. A Melbourne / Adelaide tour accompanied the release along with appearances at festivals Stargazed and Gaytimes.

Footy have recently added multi-instrumentalist Evelyn Morris to their line-up, which for their first 3 releases was an electric piano duo.
The music is largely improvised: minimal, drone-like, psychedelic etc. Some avant-pop flashes. They have released three records, the two most recent coming out on Lost and Lonesome Records.