Alysia Manceau

Alysia Manceau will be gracing the Yarra stage in support of her new album The Longest Winter.

Featuring the singles ‘Pretty Little Horses’ and ‘Don’t Call Me a Dove’, Manceau elegantly weaves her psychedelic folk-rock balladry into a timeless musical landscape. Haunting vocals soar across layers of instrumentation and clever percussion as these nine confessional songs reveal tales of discovery, redemption and love.

The Longest Winter features some of Melbourne’s finest: James Bridges (Collards Greens Gravy), Ben Franz (The Waifs/The Stillsons), Pete Cuthbert (Rialto), Adam Afiff (Roller One/Silvercity Highway), John Guscott (The Velocettes), Rich Davies (The Devils Union) and Jason Bunn (Orchestra Victoria). With friends like that, Alysia’s Yarra show looks to be a real treat for yearning ears.