Amarillo + James Kenyon

Amarillo is the project of song writer and guitarist Nick O’Mara (Raised by Eagles, The Butcherbirds) and vocalist and song writer Jac Tonks. A mix of dark, tremolo-infused ballads and jangly alt-country with a folk-pop twist. They’ll be joined by Trent McKenzie on bass and Alex Rogowski on drums.

Very special guest James Kenyon will be supporting Amarillo on the night.

“Effortless sonic narratives delivered seamlessly, with a troubadour-tinged twang all blur together to make Kenyon’s music an earnest and melancholy ride filled with a sense of purpose and drive. You can file this under the folk, or country/folk tag and return to its earthy tones time and time again, which are testament to the strength of the songwriting.” – Rhythms Magazine