Andy White and Band of Gold

Belfast troubadour Andy White plays the Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford, with
his group The Band of Gold and new album How Things Are.

Starting with UK indie hit ‘Religious Persuasion’, Andy has an illustrious
career, winning Ireland’s top awards and writing and working with the
likes of Peter Gabriel, Sinead O’Connor, and Neil and Tim Finn (it was
Tim who introduced Andy to Australia when they were in ALT).

How Things Are was released to critical acclaim late last year –
receiving extensive RRR play and ending up in Jeff Jenkins’ and Living
In The Land Of Oz end of year top 10 lists.
Andy is match-fit and raring to go. His band – son Sebastian White on
drums, Katherine Adés & David Adams (from Melbourne psychedelic
rock band LAMA) on bass and keyboards

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