animal hands + silverlight shadows + levitating churches + aya aya

ANIMAL HANDS- having just finished recording their debut album at Birdland studios (Rowland .S Howard, Adalita , J.P Shilo) bring their angsty, fuzz laden tunes that pay homage to the sounds of the 90’s alt rock era. Their songs written by promising writer Danielle Whalebone will defy expectations with the bands dynamic new sound.

SILVERLIGHT SHADOWS- blends Australian classic early 90s rock bands such as Tumbleweed, Magic Dirt and Spiderbait with overseas contemporaries such as My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana and Motorhead, while lyrically, the songs deal with death, substance abuse, mental illness and a stay in a detox centre. Somewhat less emotionally draining subjects, such as a love of partying and the 2012 end of the world theory being a disappointing crock, are also in the mix.

LEVITATING CHURCHES- the gale force hail storm of rock-n-roll, Revel in amazement as the levitating gentlemen stretch out their psychedelic tentacles and for your listening pleasure.

AYA AYA- radiating out of Geelong, weaving together layers of sonic overtones, textures and spacey, repetitive motifs. The exploration of long form composition and improvisation generates unique performances that are simultaneously compelling and meditative.