Anne of the Wolves

Melbourne based quintet, Anne of the Wolves combine dark folk tones, sultry blues, gypsy jazz noir and wistful piano pop creating a haunting melancholia.

Formed by wailing chanteuse and song-writer Bek Chapman, (The Nymphs), Anne of the Wolves toys with ideas of death, depression, fear and obsession. Sonically, this is created by Chapman’s versatile vocals and playful Carol King/ Tori Amos influenced piano styles, forming the basis of the group’s dynamic. Chapman’s harsh growls, operatic kookiness and vocal purity is complimented by Kate McMahon, (Georgia Fields), on backing vocals whose sweetness and uniqueness of tone adds a tender light to juxtapose the song’s dark subject matter and adds the subtle ‘icing on the cake’ harmonies to the song’s haunting lines. Nathaniel Poynter (S.S. Pecker) creates ethereal melancholy before leading the merry dance on the clarinet while Hayley Jones-Buckley and Matt Gibson (Pinky Beecroft & The White Russians) make up the cool, calm but cracking rhythm section, holding the chaos together, weaving in and out with intricate base lines and thunderously transcendent percussion, rolling with and then tempering the powerfully epic storm.