astral skulls residency + tuff whippet (syd) + shrimpwitch + overtime

Join Astral Skulls each Thursday in October at the Yarra. The otherworldly spaces of synth-pop and Krautrock are touchstones for Astral Skulls, but at its core is the raw, mesmeric, dissonant sounds of outer space cast into Australian suburbia. Scabrous guitars play against prowling synths and the barest of drum patterns – the industrial gears these songs grind on recall the DIY approach of seminal Australian outfits such as Primitive Calculators and Severed Heads, allowing a brutal marriage of technology, punk and no wave minimalism.

Astral Skulls take over the Yarra Band Room every Thursday this October, inviting an eclectic mix of their favourite bands from the East Coast of Australia to join them.