Backyard single launch + Lehmann B. Smith + Luke Brennan (duo)

Melbourne locals Backyard are thrilled to announce their Melbourne single launch show and newest serving of nostalgic Australiana pop, in the form of ‘Reality Television’.

Listen to ‘Reality Television’ HERE

Joined by very special guests Lehmann B Smith (band) and Luke Brennan (duo), Backyard launch ‘Reality Television’ at The Yarra Hotel Abbotsford, September 16thfrom 7.30pm.

Comprised of Adnan Kadric (Vocals / Guitar), Thomas Barlow (Drums), Joe Daly (Bass), and Leon Andrews (Guitar / Vocals), Backyard have a penchant for creating understated tunes about life in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs and country Victoria. The themes of their latest offering stem from the beauty that can be discovered in Australian suburbia.

“Often it seems like every day and every week is the same, and then all of a sudden you realise a lot has changed,” says the band of the track. “Writing about procrastination somewhat justifies the time you’ve wasted. ‘Reality Television’ is an ode to wasted time and mirrors falling asleep on the couch after you’ve just spent an entire Sunday afternoon in front of the TV. You wake up disorientated and sore and for a moment you don’t remember what day it is or if you were meant to be somewhere.”