bakers digest + electric wallpaper + the bleeding flares + abbey howlett

Drawing on influences from 60s and 70s folk wizards, The Bakers Digest fuse Dylan and Young inspired lyrics with beats like The Band, The Grateful Dead and Dr. John. Hailing from country South Australia, the band has brought it’s swampy take on folk and blues to the Carlton Draught splattered gutters of Melbourne’s north, recently sharing the stage with the likes of Cherrywood, Perch Creek, Guy Parkman, The Baudelaires and Lalic to name a few. Singing songs of moving city, growing up and chicken parmas, the band’s live show floats ideas of garage-esque guitars and psych-folk sections, while holding on to the nostalgic backbone of rhythm and blues influences for dear life. Come splatter a Carlton Draught in the gutter with The Bakers Digest at the Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford on September 3rd with Electric Wallpaper, The Bleeding Flares, and Abbey Howlett.