BBQ Haque + intrinsic light + Mote

Frustrated with their new recipe for Murray Cod boujoubais aux pommes, last year BBQ Haque launched their sonic dalliances with a particularly hypnotic garage flavour from out of the provincial blue. The band formed spontaneously one ‘bad cooking day’ for Little Bands 2016, as a conceptual way of developing difficult new recipes through sound experiments. Members, Carla (Crepe Suzette) Bruce-Lee, Marcus (Chef de Marquis) R-M, Daniele (SoufflĂ©) Martinov, RT (Pate Crouteux, aka Flakey Pastry) Karanikas dish up exotic blends of french-afro-kraut-oz-noise-drone-garage experimental sound into unique, one of a kind dishes which are different in flavour and texture at each show.

See them at The Yarra Hotel May 25th with Intrisic Light and Mote. $6 entry and 8pm doors.