can i borrow a fiver presents: Low talk + baby blue + coast busters

This will be a unique show. After releasing two standard operating singles (one tender pop and one sexy heartbreak) to community radio acclaim, LOW TALK are now beginning to develop “fuck you” material for their debut album. This performance will incorporate an expanded cast with new songs performed in a partly improvised format.

But don’t go thinking it’ll be 10 minute psych jams. Not a single soul wants this to happen.

Balancing out the one off potentially humiliating performance will be the rocking, rollicking three-piece combining 60’s rock, folk, and pop, BABY BLUE and smooth writing, surfpop inspiring, COASTBUSTERS. The former has just release an excellent new 3rd single, ‘Save Yourself’ – and so the band has no doubt rehearsed recently and mostly likely, they rehearsed well.

$14 jugs of yarra draught and $5 goons.