Centre negative (nz) + Terry + Sarah Mary Chadwick + J

Centre Negative. An ever changing cast of riff fiends led by Sir Michael Mcclelland. Ideas come in and out of the set/song/moment long enough for one to declare “GENIUS!” . All the time acknowledging that melody is Queen of the colonial subject. A little too well re-searched and hungry for ideas for a conventional pop song, Centre Negative gives you hundreds of chances to enjoy yourself. It’s time to kill existential arrogance. These are well crafted modern pop songs, chockablock with ideas and the pleasantries of punk noise.

Terry: LOOK! There he is, peeping through the cracks in your screen. Nuanced. Mercurial. Free. Blowing you a kiss.

Sarah Mary Chadwick:
“Sarah Mary Chadwick’s new album, Roses Always Die, is a beautiful and insightful collection of songs. Her work achieves a poignancy which is distinct as it is rare.” Henry Rollins … Fuck yeah Hank.

J: Jarrod (Fabulous Diamonds) and Andrew (Repairs) cut loose.