clogged + skyscraper + faceless burial + esp mayhem

Opening up the show are the new chuds on the block, ESP Mayhem. Consisting of some of the most overworked members of Melbourne’s grind scene this is grindcore through and through, but foregoing guitars for synths instead and sniffing the undies of the most ignorant gabber. Rambunctious, obnoxious, perhaps ill-advised, but definitely packing a heavy thwack.

Having just finished work on a magnificent album to be released soon, Faceless Burial pulls members together from all corners of Melbourne’s DIY/independent music scene to lay down some incredible death metal with a distinct influence from the backwoods US death of the mid/late 90’s of the seriously ugly variety mixed with super tight and tasteful shred resulting in a sound not often heard in current death metal. Very old school but no retro cheese.

Skyscraper is the solo project of Xavier from grind heavyweights Fuck I’m Dead, TDEBN and Roskopp and more recently in kraut-rockers Trade and the brilliant surf-rock project Birdcage, but Skyscraper is icy John Carpenter styled synth compositions with a great ear for a tune and nods toward Zombi and Tangerine Dream. Live shows are all too infrequent so catch this while you can.

Clogged have been reliably bringing the house down with every show they’ve played for the past couple of years, bringing back the rowdiness and antics of the early 2000s golden age of Melbourne grind. Inhumanly fast, preposterously heavy and catchier than anyone has a right to be, Clogged are perfect goregrind.