Congratulations Everybody + Good Morning

Congratulations Everybody; a five-piece, alt-country group of dynamic guitars (Matthew Fazio, James Gilligan) and a sensitive rhythm section (Chris Port, Aidan McDonald) that lays abstract, crescendo driven ground for the emotionally aggressive, yet often timid, vocal stylings of singer James Pasinis as he delves headfirst into themes of absolute anxiety, mortality, relationships, and a nihilistic search for the absent; Congratulations Everybody occupy “the strange little space where good and bad memories all blur into one.” (The Music, 2014).

They play The Yarra Hotel on Friday 26 February with decent friends Good Morning; the band featured on Tyler, The Creator’s Instagram (+street cred) and likened to Mac DeMarco’s mum so often that it’s probably just her pretending to be two 20-something, career driven, white-collar bachelors. But probably not. Free entry.