David Palliser + Allanah Stewart / Dale Gorfinkel / Jen Callaway + Robert McDougall + Blutack

David Palliser’s album Lame & Free was released on Frustration Jazz late
last year, just as he headed off to Berlin for a visual arts residency – he’s a
fantastic abstract painter as well a sound-maker! Back in Melbourne, this
gig will be a belated launch for the disc: Three tracks of non-idiomatic free
improv but with a definite nod to free jazz, especially on the longest live
track recorded on a previous trip to Germany. The sounds consist of alto
sax, woodwind, percussion and other assorted sound-making objects
along with live looping. Whilst in Berlin this time around, David also took
the opportunity to play some more shows and do some recording, some of
which has ended up on a bonus disc that he’ll be giving away for free at
this gig with any purchases of Lame & Free. Besides being a core member of Melbourne’s free music legends Charles Ives Singers, David also plays in a trio with Ian Wadley and Stevie Richards; he was also a founding member of 1980’s post-punk era group People With Chairs Up Their Noses.

Snacks are the brand new improvising trio of Allanah Stewart (Secret
Valley, Bearded Iris), Dale Gorfinkel (Prophets, solo) and Jen Callaway (Is
There A Hotline?). Featuring drums/percussion, prepared vibraphone,
analogue synth and vocals, this is Snacks’ debut gig. Robert McDougall
put out a fantastic LP of musique concrete/tape music a few years back
but he’s also a free folk/primitive multi-instrumentalist who has picked up
lots of amazing long-necked lutes in his global travels, in a live setting
often combining those or 12-string guitar with electro-acoustic or field
recording elements. Blutack is the solo guise of Dale Chapman (The
Drunken Boat, Klunk), a lover of Indian instruments and music who
combines free improv string drones with homemade electronic noise.

Frustration Jazz is a relatively new CDR label, started in 2016 and based
in a Melbourne lounge room. Interested in releasing all sorts of free
improv, out rock, free-form folk & global, minimalism, drone, tape music,
electronics, sound, noise, etc, etc