Dogshow + Shit Tatts + Silverlight Shadows

As twilight falls, Silverlight Shadows return to the Yarra, playing stuff off their smoking new record of boozy bangers. See them smash out their powerful and tasty, dark-edged tunes and marvel at their rocking, stoner vibes.

Joining them will be the suburban-ish sounds of Shit Tatts and their dystopian, garage mash. They’re about to release, an 8” acetate that will literally self-destruct. Come heckle them while they’re still shit enough to heckle.

Dog Show is the broken, shouty preacher of his own doom punk-gospel. It’s low-freq and comes from a vintage vantage point which is compounded by the fact it’s his birthday on the night. Let’s bring the good times and piss on his parade.”