Erin Will Be Mad + Plaster Of Paris + Face Face + Scurvy & The Dogs

Erin Will Be Mad are set to possess the Yarra Hotel with their hypnotic presence, serving you a SUMPTUOUS SUNDAE feast!

Joining EWBM…….drum rolllllllllll……..

Plaster of Paris
Having recently released featured singles Oh Wow and Newcomer, Plaster of Paris will crush the nutsss to top this Sundae with their Riot-Grrrl-Goth!

Face Face
Also having recently recorded an album that is yet to be released, Face Face will channel 1990s nostalgia, whipping up some flavours you can reminisce to!

Scurvy and the Dogs
Here to drizzle choc sauce and plonk a cherry on top, Scurvy and the Dogs will melt that iceCREAM in your hands with their tender punk poetry!