Eyesores + The Dorks + Mungo Man

Let Eyesores, The Dorks & Mungo Man help you rediscover your ‘punk phase’, circa Melania 1995.

EYESØRES-Straight forward ‘Pink Flag’/Early Era of The Fall enthusiasts plucked from an empty blood soaked pint glass found at the the Hacienda roughly round 1987. Out of the unknown & into your computer room. C/S coming early ’18.

The Dorks -Funk infused rockabilly found on a half-pipe somewhere in SO-CAL, 1994. With tasty bass licks, clean tones and a Rollins-esque screech, the Knee-tapping  is obviously encouraged. Zesty 7” Available now.

Mungo Man – Your inside Wooderson’s Chevy Chevelle SS and whilst he’s checking out the rig, you’re flipping between copies of Neil Young’s ‘On The Beach’ and TGD’s ‘American Beauty’. There lies a copy of Mungo Man’s ODD JOB EP. You pop it on, run your fingers through his hair & don’t stop till you hit Nashville.