Fleshed Out + Cakefight + Tragic Carpet

If on a cold morning in March one hears a loud flutey song, it is likely to be the band Fleshed Out just returned from winter quarters in north Africa or southern Europe. The band perches on branches of trees, as yet still bare, making themselves all the more conspicuous, emphatically proclaiming their ownership of nesting territories. Not until several days later, on January 3, are they joined by their comrades, Cakefight and Tragic Carpet, who offer their own songs—loud and flutey as they come—in retaliation.

Okay, the bands aren’t birds. But they have each probably been described as “birdlike” because of their elegance, confidence and chutzpah. Probably. Anyway, come to the Yarra on January 3 for a night of good and fun garage rock. It’ll only cost you five bucks.