Guffman + Charging Stallion + HOTS + Tragic Carpet

There is one question in this world that has been unanswered for many generations: just who exactly is Guffman? No one really knows, and especially not Rhys (Rhysics), Pete (fivefours), Dan (Jarrow) or Mack (Macklin). It has been just over 2 months since Guffman released their debut album ‘Harold Holt Swim Centre’ to a sea of disgusted fans. Now, the Gufe lads come back for retirement for a select number of gigs, including this scorching┬ácomeback headliner at the Yarra. Guffman will also be joined by the cheeky Charging Stallion, the fiery HOTS and the newly-born┬áTragic Carpet. Please come down so I can pay back the men who kidnapped my child.