hana maru + Wilson + louise terra

HANA MARU are chamber-popsters. Sidestepping the regular guitars-bass-drums-and-more-guitars pop constellation, they bring cello, violin, keytar, banjo and whatever else comes to hand to create warm, unique, up-beat tunes. Their latest single, Whole Heart, was described by Tone Deaf as “stunning” and “incredibly moving”, and is a impressive entree to their eclectic, self-titled debut album (2016). HANA MARU is violinist Bec Blakeney (Institut Polaire), cellist Gregory Crocetti (Human Six Billion), bassist Andy Hazel (The Paradise Motel, School of Emotional Engineering), drummer Esala Liyanage (CHWH, Prudence Rees-Lee) and singer/keyboardist Jill Farrar.

WiLSON blends irregular measurements of pop, surreal funk, dub, dance and fun with absurdist, psychedelic, neologic vocal stylings.

LOUISE TERRA is absolutely wonderous. Bold voice, siamese harmonies, déjà vu melodies and collage beats.