Hannah Blackburn with rock band + Woy + Motte

Three different tiers of folk join together for Monday 26th, at The Yarra Hotel. Starting with Motte, a reverb swamped violin through delay. The songs were recorded in the bedroom/somewhere in the tropics or a hothouse full of moths.

Second on the agenda is Woy, who ditched folk music like a nasty cold. Kieran Chae Dickson embarked on the creation of ‘Woy’- the latest project from the Melbourne moron. The result is a jolted set of observations, of dry pre/post-apocalyptic narratives, along with some pseudo-intellectual self-deprecating introspective rants had by a white, middle-class male in the 21st Century.

Headlining band, Hannah Blackburn with Rock Band, started with Blackburn’s solo music, inspired by the likes of Cat Power and Laura Marling. Now she is joined by a strong force that is Rock Band (Mackenzie Randall – Hi Tec Emotions, Luke Sommerfeld – Swamp, and Kaelan Emond – Swamp).