Harmony Byrne + Jumping Jack William & Neil Wilkinson + YAKK + Maddy Jane

Did you know that Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell had a baby? Or that Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin had a baby? Well anyway, those babies had a baby and her name is Harmony Byrne. Oh, and Nina Simone is her godmother… Musically that’s pretty much the truth. I guess you have to hear it to believe it.
Through simple instrumentation and fearless vocals, Harmony seeks to embody truth – both heart-aching and elevating. Drawing upon diverse inspiration, there’s a song for everyone.
Now with a band behind her, featuring members from The Tesky Brothers, The Scrims, Mangelwurzel and more, imagined soundscapes of euphoria are brought into existence thanks to a band of brothers who wrestle musically with her.

Jumpin’ Jack William & Neil Wilkinson – Ramblin’ along the tracks of a longtime brotherhood, combining JJW’s infinite song writing ability and his soulful lungs, with Neil Wilkinsons writing, perfectly matched harmonies and extendedly successful romance with his guitar.

YAKK – Timeless songs full of journeys and pilgramage, Yakk brings you so deep into the present moment yet projects you far out of this world. Ever heard of Astral Travelling? Come see how that sounds.

Maddy Jane (TAS) – Embarking upon her first solo tour the East Coast, Hobart’s Maddy Jane kicks off the night with her catchy yet genuine indie folk tunes.