HIGH 5! Five large acts at The Yarra Hotel

HIGH 5! Five large acts at The Yarra Hotel.
Music, magic and grooves to take you higher…. just people getting together to levitate!


A Yorta Yorta man, a multi medium artist, an activist for colonial resistance, The Dreaming Now. It is way too hard to describe Neil in this language, in one tidy little sentence. He is an incredible artist who’s vision is all-encompassing. He is an inspiration to us.

“Through sound (Neil) continues to share the reverberations of his culture.” Full of simultaneously subterranean + celestial layers – and seriously dope grooves – the sounds Neil creates open your hearts up and fill them with earthly magic and wordless connections. An absolutely beautiful experience.


THESE TWO ♥ So well loved within the Melbourne music scene, and for good reason. With sounds built on flavours of old school, disco, funk and early house, their unique ideas and experimentation lift these elements into their own elevated sphere. Cocoa Noire’s electronic sound is somehow still so organic and natural, so human and beautifully-crafted – and yet, importantly, always so much fun to witness. Françoise’s voice is heavenly, Ty’s beats are huge, the grooves are undeniable!


Deep, deep grooves! Amy’s stunning, golden, soul voice glides beautifully across the cosmic funky sounds laid down by Mick, Francis, Blake & Blake (yes, they have two Blakes! TWO!). Flavours of jazz, nu soul, r&b, and jammy goodness, ALLLL combine into the smoothest, most beautiful organic brew.


Formed of two homie sapiens from far far away, Messy Mammals make “outta-pop” – a fusion of trip hop, nu jazz, and alternative pop from outta space. Fresh off the release of their brand new (very first!), music video for their track “Rewind // Zodiac”, as well as their recent album release of the same name, their dreamy sound is constantly-evolving, always inspired by the world around us — and the world beyond us.


Armed with her self-desribed “weapon of choice” – i.e. her Maschine & SP-404-sx – Sadiva cooks up the tastiest, phatttest, flyest, most magic hip hop beats. Full of gritty, lo-fi dopeness, as well as the coolest samples to elevate your heart and get you smiling all over. Part of the great Melbourne crew of producers, Lab Co, this girl is undoubtedly on her merry way to greatness.