Is There A Hotline + Sectape + Silknita + Tv Telepath

On the 28th of June, The Yarra Hotel hosts a night of unrestrained sound exploration.

Is There a Hotline? Are a duo that produce atmospheric post-punk-space-noise, they emit strange drifting sounds, delicate and intense extremes, evoking a parade of cosmic imagery.

Sectape play fuzzed out soundtracks for insurrection that captivate audiences. Prepare to be blown to all corners of the bandroom!

Post-Metal trio Sliknita have promised to bring their dynamic soundscapes and outdated Australian television references to the Yarra’s stage for the first time.

TV Telepath are an experimental rock trio who shimmer and shake with an aural mixture that hooks the listener on its proverbial line.

$5 entry. Come and float in space.