James Pasinis (Congratulations Everybody)

When asked to provide a bio about his music James sent us this:

“Wednesday the 30th of September sees the Yarra Hotel welcome James Pasinis with very long, symmetrical, shapely arms. The kind of arms that James plays his acoustic guitar with. The opposite of the legs that James uses to walk. If James were mute, they would hold the digits that would replace James’s vocal chords. If James had no hands, they would be stumpy arms. Unlike the stump of a tree, tiny hands would not grow out of them. Rejuvenating hands are not real. But you have hands. Real hands for clapping.

So come a long on Wednesday the 30th of September and use your hands to clap after each song that James plays with his arms. Thanks.”

We think he might have been delirious, or maybe that’s just his sense of humour. Come along and find out.