Jules Sheldon

Six years since he recorded his self-titled debut album with producer Spencer P. Jones (Beasts of Bourbon, The Johnny’s, Paul Kelly), the time felt right for 23 year old singer/songwriter Jules Sheldon to return to his solo moniker with second album Football, Trams, Parties, & Other Extended Highlights.
We here at The Yarra are pretty pleased to have him back in our bandroom for an intimate night of song. Jules Sheldon will take you on a trip around Melbourne’s inner North, recounting its tales of suburban traditions past, social anxieties, and the intricacies of house parties, all in his own typically off beat and detailed writing style.

This is what happened last time he was here:
“One man armed with one guitar opens the evening at Abbottsford’s Yarra Hotel. It’s Jules Sheldon, and he’s playing the fruits of his labour with the rigid, solemn wistfulness of somebody who means what they’re saying” – Niamh Crosbie, The Music.

Sounds pretty good to us!