Junior fiction + tropical snakes + hexdebt + jenny mck (cable ties)

Junior Fiction play sentimental nostalgic pop with their influences on there sleeve. It’s not all rainbows and cupcakes though. Sometimes it’s a little sour with a splash of bitterness.

Tropical Snakes play immaculately arranged art pop. Based in Ballarat they have been impressing audiences in their own neighborhood for some time. They are bringing their show to Melbourne and will no doubt hit the ground running.

Hexdebt are the new band in town. This will be their debut performance. Though they have not played any shows there is a wealth of enthusiasm and energy surrounding them. Due in some part from the fact that members of the band have already staked their claim on Melbourne in such bands as Weatherboards, Jarrow, Shit Sex and Woo Who among others. It will be something to behold i am sure and it will be filled with punk enthusiasm.

Jenny Mck needs no introduction as she is front person of Cable Ties who are making serious waves. This will be Jenny in solo form and delivering some Cable Ties staples as well as songs from her past and new material that is in the making. She commands attention every time she performs.