Lachlan Hicks + Jack Lundie

Jack Lundie is coming to Melbourne for Not Fest 3, however is coming a few days early so we thought it would be a great idea to put on a show and have a bit of mid week fun at the Yarra!

Lachlan Hicks
Hailing originally from Newcastle, however for the last few years Melbourne; Lachlan Hicks has been regularly playing stages both local and interstate, predominately fronting indie / rock band Maricopa Wells. Maricopa have recently released their new record ‘Places to Land’, so Lachlan will sing a selection of songs from there, as well as some of his own.

Jack Lundie
Whether you know him as the singer for Caverns or guitarmony flavour in Adeline Pines, Jack Lundie has been playing around Newcastle for years, and in 2014 finally stepped out on his own with the release of his demo ’23 Years’. Having played across Novocastria, as well as self-organizing DIY tours around the country, Jack is in Melbourne for Whisk & Key’s Not-Fest 3 and looking to share his stories with new and old friends.