LEAPS & BOUNDS MUSIC FESTIVAL PRESENTS: An Otherwise Quiet Room w/ special guests

“An Otherwise Quiet Room” is a video project hosted by and featuring Mandy Connell and 10 other high calibre singer-songwriters. “The Yarra Sessions” will be the first series and will be filmed in specifically chosen locations in the City of Yarra. It will be launched in July at The Yarra in Abbotsford. Simultaneously it will also be uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel at that point and will be available in DVD or downloadable format for sale.

Sometimes the most magical experiences for a performer are off-stage moments. At a festivals or accommodation, around a kitchen table, or in long waits between shows. Someone will pull out a guitar or banjo, someone else will start singing or telling a story and create a moment that will never be repeated. They might be old friends, or never have met before. “The Yarra Sessions” aims to create a space for these connections to happen and to give the viewer an intimate window into “An Otherwise Quiet Room.”

The series will take us off stage into cafes and bars in the Yarra area. Like green rooms or hotel accommodation, these are transient but social spaces. Places where both friends and strangers might meet, they have the ritual of sharing food and drink. The series will also highlight the settings, acknowledging our hosts and the spaces they’ve created.

We have chosen a mix of artists with an intention to reach a wider audience. Some are local and some are visiting. All are highly regarded singer-songwriters in their own right. We propose that participation in the video series will bring cross promotion and development to all contributors- including the venues and videographer.

The brainchild of Mandy Connell, “An Otherwise Quiet Room” has been developed with the intention of providing both Mandy and the other artists involved significant professional development and promotional opportunities. It also gives the viewer/listener the chance to see and hear artists reinterpreting their own and others’ works.

Artists involved: Bonnie Love, Tom Lee Richards, Scott Cook, Brent Parlane, Matt Glass, Michael Waugh, Sarah Carroll, Khristian Mizzi, Jane McArthur and Toby Knox.

Venues involved: Some Velvet Morning, A Fan’s Notes, Little Andorra, Long Play, Uncle Crew Café, Night Hawks, Rooks Return, Kent Street and The Yarra Hotel.