Liam Gerner

“Liam is an extraordinary musician. Both as a songwriter and

performer Liam is a force to be reckoned with.” Ryan Bingham

Steeped in blues and country music, Liam Gerner left his rural family life in

the Adelaide hills to seek his fortune in London. Almost immediately he

was treated as a “hot new talent” and experienced the music business at

its most corporate. Breaking free, he headed to the US, joined Texan

country rocker Ryan Bingham’s band on guitar and experienced frontline

American roots music. Returning to Australia in early-2013 Liam had his

guitar, songs and Land Of No Roads, an album cut with LA’s finest.

Liam speaks:
“Born in Australia in 1983, I was raised in a rural town, In

Europe I toured with Paul Weller, Jason Isbell, Alanis Morisette, Paolo

Nutini, Elton John, Drive by Truckers and many more. I got a record deal

with RCA, but after a year I walked away as I didn’t want to be turned into

another bland, wannabe pop-star. What drives me is the song, storytelling

and music.”