Little murders + jangle band + bill tolson

Little Murders take great pride in launching their 7th album ‘Hi-Fab!’ on Off The Hip Records.
Beginning as a new wave punk band in 1979 who went on to become kings of the Melbourne Mod scene before dissolving in 1985 after playing possibly every gig and pub in Melbourne at the time. Their first album Stop was released posthumously on Au Go Go records in 1985
Ten years after that saw Little Murders return with 3 albums on Swerve Records, which garnered praise both here and overseas. The last of these was released in 2001 and that looked like that was it for the Murders.
However in 2009 Off The Hip re-released the Stop album together with a bunch of early studio recordings. The band started playing to promote the album and then it just jelled so well the band went on to release Dig For Plenty and Go on Off the Hip. The sounds and the songs just kept getting better each time.
Which leads us to the new album “Hi-Fab” The title comes from the letters page of an old sixties pop magazine called Fabulous. And the Murders are fabulous. great songs played by a great live band including Rod hayward ( Dave Graney & the Coral Snakes) Mick barclay (WPA, Paul Kelly) and Danny McDonald (P56, Oscarlima)
On the night they will be joined by The Jangle Band who are just about to release their own debut album on Off The Hip “Edge of a Dream” a power pop classic in the making. The show will be opened by singer songwriter legend Bill Tolson