Loobs + Fraudband + Hooper Crescent + Miss Miss

Loobs play garage punk with a hint of whimsy and a lot of loud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpDqaBDZn8A

Fraudband: There is risk, and there is passion in this music, as Sonic Masala put it – “I have always loved Fraudband… finding the rhythm and f**king it over and over again. And believe me, you will enjoy it.”

Hooper Crescent are from Melbourne. Two of its members grew up on a street called Hooper Crescent. They make music for people who like noisy guitars, pop hooks and the AFL. They might be making this music purely for themselves.

Miss Miss: Working with a minimal setup, these two fiercely femmo babes are heavily inspired by Riot Grrrl and are here to smash gender expectations with a cheeky sense of humour. When they’re not dropping bangers north of the river, Miss Miss are probably at home drinking beers and watching Family Feud in their underpants.