Louis Valentine + team Love + Kev Walsh

Like many musicians, Louis Valentine spent much of his youth practising his moves in front of a mirror. Sometimes he had a guitar, other times a tennis racquet. One time, he used a cucumber as a saxophone. These days he records himself with an iPhone.

He joined retro, rock ‘n’ roll outfit Zuzu Angel in 2010 and spent 5 years writhing around on stages in leather pants. He loved every minute of it.

Louis Valentine writes music that he likes to listen to. He digs soul and folk, blues and country, and tries to weave them together into something funky. His lyrics celebrate the ordinary; an ode to the Victorian High Country one minute, a lament about catching taxis in Melbourne the next. He loves Hammond organ and tremolo guitar, gospel choirs and horns. He values live recording and fine playing and can’t wait to record music until he dies.