lovers of the blackbird + denim owl + the person + mitchell kerley + DJ richie 1250

Lovers of the Black Bird
Are Julie Montan and Joseph Foley make really minimal but heavy, cosmic music, you can hear a pin drop but there is noise and hearts beating and dead things hidden in everything.

Denim Owl
Is Janita Foley, delicate as a candle flicker with a whole lot of class, bass and phat beats.

The Person
Is Minna Wight, the archive queen of schlock vintage Australiana. She’s also known as one of the members of The Burnt Sausages but Minna’s solo project is rather a bit more gourmet. She’s taken the lips, arseholes and sauce out of her sausage sanga, and put em in a Sunblest bun instead, added a huge slice of cheese and served you – a post-retro classic Aussie snack that you can hold in one hand!

Mitchell Kerley
Is Mitchell Kerley! Both holy fool and ultimate betrayer of all humankind. Mitchell is making his comeback to the stage after a three-year break with a set comprising new and recently updated material… which probably means he’s reworked his old-age cynical schtick circa 2014 into the new-age of ultra-hyper-detached virtual meta nonsense that feeds the neo-sociopathic narcissist their gag rations for these end times which are steadily gaining upon their ability to find anything that is actually really funny, funny.

Richie 1250 brings so much love to us through his love of every music under the sun, you’ll never be lonely, just reach for his hand, he’s always there – Stone Love Fridays 5-7 PBS 1067 FM.