Lucy Roleff, Rough River Kate Skinner + Ryan Downe

Rough River – Rough River is the musical project of alternative country and folk artist Kate Skinner. Her live show lends a certain looseness and grit that underpins folk in the old sense of the word – not as a set of readable signs, but as an act of communion.

Ryan Downey – Ryan Downey is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter who’s 2013 EP ‘Familiar Ground’ caught the attention of many critics and industry folk with it’s understated emotional power and the ‘rich, suave baritone’ (Tonedeaf) at it’s centre – ‘a voice of such darkened depth,’ Mess + Noise wrote, ‘that we’re drawn immediately in.’

Lucy Roleff – Lucy Roleff is a classically trained, lyrical-folk songstress from Melbourne. Her compositions weave lyrical verse, fractured sounds and lush harmonies, interspersed with moments of haunting abandon. She explores themes of intimacy, longing, and the tiny nuances of everyday existence.