Michael David Thomas

Michael David Thomas has been described as a cross between wordsmiths Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, with an honest vocal style reminiscent of the ’60s/’70s folk singer-songwriters like Paul Simon and James Taylor. He belongs to a rare class of songwriters whose songs can simultaneously reach the head and the heart, make you laugh and cry, and reference the old while still providing a completely unique perspective.
Giving up his former life as a lawyer, Michael changed his name, hit the road with an acoustic guitar and set out on a pilgrimage. His travels took him on an extensive tour playing all around Australia and the US.
Michael’s former band, Breaking Hart Benton, made three records, including an album produced by acclaimed producer Mark Moffat (Crowded House, the Saints, Yothu Yindi, Keith Urban). Now choosing to go it solo, Michael’s first single under his own name, There Must Be Something Else, rides a delicate interplay of strings, electric and acoustic guitars and Michael’s signature vocals. It’s the first single for the emotive EP to come.
In 2015, Michael signed with Airlock Records (Ian Haug — Powderfinger), becoming the label’s third singing. Produced by Haug, the EP contains a tantalising mix of well-crafted melodic and up tempo songs and sparser lyrical numbers. Together, Haug and Michael David Thomas brought these ‘folk’ songs to life and captured a fresh, modern sound.