Michael Meeking + The Lost Souls

Michael Meekings’ song “Murder” recently made the top five in the 2014 Australian Song writing Associations competition (Country Category.) Hear Michael and his 5 piece band play this and other great original country rock tunes on Sunday 26th July with special guests The Glorious North

With the rasp of Rod Stewart, musical sensibility of Bruce Springsteen and the forlorn heart and whimsy of Hank Williams, it’s no wonder Michael has been signed to U.K. label “At The Helm Records”
With a successful U.K. tour under his belt and a glut of gigs around Melbourne it is a sure sign that if you have not already heard of Michael Meeking and the Lost Souls, you certainly soon will.

His band The Lost Souls comprise five highly regarded Melbourne musicians, who have their finger in a myriad of musical pies; Dave Kleyjnans (The Wellingtons et al.), Julian Chick (Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission), Chris Gates (ground swell) Cate de Carteret (The Fujiyama Mamas) Maryanne Smart (The Fujiyama Mamas)