Mid/west + winternationale + floods

Recalling the spaces between industrial and natural, Mid/West play noisy post-punk that incorporates intertwining and off-kilter guitar work alongside a dynamic rhythm section. Broken up by washes of synths and underpinned by a driven urgency, it sounds like cruising down the Autobahn of your mind and flooring the accelerator. 

Cutting their teeth in the warehouses and bar room dives of Melbourne’s haunts, the bass and drum duo Winternationale will be illuminating the room with their thumping and haunting odes. Drawing on recollections of the Manchester Free Trade Hall, The Book of Lamentations, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Ghosts (past and present) with an eerie energy 

Healthy Tapes mastermind and artist of many monikers – Floods crafts a singular blend of vapourware grooves under cinematic drone and ambience – experimental yet familiar in nature and drawing on a rich sonic tapestry integrating synths and strings. In the evening he imbibes the city’s madness and expounds the truths between static and soul.