Motherslug + Religious Observance + Well + Birds

An evening of slow, heavy guitar textures to get you in the mood for going back to work and wishing you were anywhere else. BIRDS takes virtuoso playing and stretches, reverses and slices it into improvised drones and loops that mutate and collapse in on themselves. This is music as process, with the original sounds being manipulated to take you somewhere else. WELL return with a new lineup and a new batch of songs. Featuring ex and current members of a lot of other bands, they deliver downtuned, abrasive songs leaden with self loathing and the discomfort of feeling trapped in your own skin. RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE bring a similar brand of sludgy metal. The five piece push out tortured, shrieking vocals, ear splitting noise and often confronting samples, all mired in a thick morass of bludgeoning repetitive riffs. Finally, to cap things off MOTHERSLUG will unleash some furious stoner rock grooves. While making nods to the conventions of the genre, they eschew tired blues rock cliches and do this music how it’s supposed to sound: wild vocals, bedrock drums, and guitars that sound like they’re tearing through the speakers.