Obscura Hail

Obscura Hail is the solo DIY project of Sean Conran, a composer and acoustic artist who appeared on the scene in 2006 to dabble in melancholic themes brought upon him by sleepless insomniac nights. Over the past 9 years, Hail has produced an extensive backlog of home demos and experimental recordings, culminating in the home releases Mannequins are People Too (2010), Like a Monstrous Lizard(2011), Boson (2012), and the well-received Thrown Into The Sea EP (2014).

Conran is currently heavily influenced by the dark ambiance of Akira Yamaoka (notably the Silent Hill series), the experimental Steve Reich (Music for 18 musicians, Different Trains/ Electric Counterpoint), the syncopated harmonies of Moondog (Moondog, Moondog 2), while not forgetting to mention Django Reinhardt, The Ink Spots, The Fleetwoods, They Might Be Giants, Sun Kil Moon, Kaki King, to name a few major inspirations.

Obscura Hail will be joined by songstress Jess Locke.