Owen Campbell

“Possibly one of the best performers to come out of Australia for quite some time, amazing lap steel slide guitar and a songwriting ability that belies his years. [Campbell was] born and raised on salted oats and tales of the savage past.”– Alistair Hullit Robert, Argus News, Ireland.
Born in Australia to an Irish mother and Scottish father, Campbell was introduced to a great mix of diverse and soulful music and has been playing guitar since he was ten years old.

Campbell’s style has developed over 16 years into a gravelly blend of blues, roots, soul and country. His voice belies his 25 years and you will be amazed by his slide guitar abilities.

In the past three years Campbell has been touring non-stop, impressing audiences all over the globe in private shows in Papua New Guinea to the highest blues festival in the world, The Himalayan Blues festival in Kathmandu, Nepal.

His tours have also extensively covered Australia, Ireland, the UK and Austria and there is no sign of stopping there!