Popolice + Jamie & The Debt + Brain Drain + Raider

Jamie and the Debt:
Jamie and the Debt is one person, Jamie, and her emotional and financial debt. She is from Buffalo, New York originally but relocated to Brisbane in May 2016 in order to spend some much-needed time on the beach and to get away from Donald Trump.

Brain Drain:
Brain Drain is the solo guitar-based project of Brisbane artist Adam McFillin. Brain Drain’s sound has progressed over its lifetime, from freeform instrumental explorations to vocal led melancholic musings built around simple melodies. At its core, a commitment to simplicity, unflinching honestly, and unapologetic flaws-and-all presentation has remained throughout.

Popolice has remained a DIY force in the Melbourne underground for over a decade now. Popolice continues to craft self-styled inventive one-man pop, and recent releases reveal a musical voice that continues to grow stronger. Catching this noisy guitar-pop gem of the inner suburbs live is highly recommended.

Raider is a garage punk guitar spaceship. Raider is ‘baby’s on fire’ but the fire is the sun. Raider will take you way out!