Qwerty + Gluten priest + a+

There’s still a chance to unclip your hair before the heat and weight of Christmas visits your family this year. The Yarra hotel is the only oasis that is not a mirage this December. Come effervesce like a tall glass of schweppes.

Qwerty _
This is Qwerty’s last headline show for the year before they take a break to work on their gardens, go on costco shopping trips, hang out with their dogs and record their debut LP. If you haven’t seen this pinoy three piece yet then get ready to mosh because they have one song that is really good to mosh to.

Gluten Priest
GP left the coast behind, geared up in the garage, drove the backroads in the countryside and ordered malibu and cokes (on the rocks yea) in every roadhouse along the way.

Drum roll please. Announcing… Georgie, Georgia, Chad and Dani’s first show as A+. Including members of School Damage, BC and The Ancients. Equal parts practice pastry and undulating waves of sweet summer riffs.