Riflebirds + Cold Irons Bound

Psych-country-rockers Riflebirds have been travelling the land from Brunswick to Ballarat to Byron Bay in recent months promoting their new album Detours & Collisions, released on Dark Highway Records in May 2015.

The album was recorded at Northcote’s Soundpark Studios by Andrew ‘Idge’ Hehir (Paul Kelly, Darling Downs) and featured on Triple R (The Australian Mood, Neil Rogers) and PBS (Acid Country, David Heard).

Cold Irons Bound formed in 2011, the group’s members having moved to Melbourne at various times over recent years while their previous bands were in various stages of ruin. Singer-songwriter-guitarists Mark Adams and Ben Carter grew up enduring bleak Canberra winters in the shadow of Belconnen’s soulless East Berlin-esque government office blocks. Unsurprisingly, similar experiences writ large by bands emanating from the cold isolation of the American mid-west and British north, resonated with the pair in their formative years and ever since.

Drummer James Alderman and bassist Sam Fiddian share the same hometown and influences as Adams and Carter, as well as the bitter disappointment of their first ‘serious’ band not realising their potential or expectations. National airplay and bill-sharing with their heroes, wasn’t enough to save either group from the unplanned distractions and prolonged inactivity that unravel so many.

As the tail-lights of those bands fade in the memory, Cold Irons Bound offers the freedom of no expectations, and utterly no concessions to fashion. The band’s focus is on writing classic songs with three-part harmonies; an approach which has yielded a steady stream of quality live bills and an album’s worth of material already being recorded.

It’s a new day rising.