Root Rat + Adore + Giles Warren + Ercha

Rock Show 2.0: You Can (Not) Redo

The year is 2017, and half of the Earth’s population is dead, victims of the disaster called Triple J’s Hottest 100! Answering a summons from their enigmatic father, 14-year-old Adore arrives in the rebuilt bandroom of The Yarra Hotel just as a gigantic creature known as ROOT RAT attacks! Forced into the cockpit of a giant bio-mechanical construct known as Giles Warren, Adore must defend the city from the rampaging ROOT RAT or die trying!

Rebuilt from the ground up by creators ROOT RAT, Adore, and Giles Warren, this is the definitive gig for a new generation! Featuring radically new bass-lines, completely new arrangements, and Ercha.