Roviana Lagoon + 1891 + Jarred Doueal

Roviana Lagoon is a four-piece folk pop band from Melbourne, Australia. Like the tranquil meandering stretch of coastal paradise from which their name is drawn, Roviana Lagoon aim to deliver simplicity and effortless beauty, stripping back songs to their bare bones to reveal subtlety and melody.

Expressing identifiable melody through strong songwriting has been at the forefront of what Daniel (Guitar/Vocals), Ella (Keys/Vocals), Tom (Bass) and Dom (Drums) have set out to achieve. Drawing influence from a diverse range of artists such as Neil Young, The Pixies and The Decemberists, the focus has been squarely on melodic intrigue and strong lyrical content.

Roviana Lagoon will be joined by friends 1891 and Jarred Doueal.