Sean McMahon & the Moonmen + Matthew Colin

Sean McMahon is a versatile singer/songwriter and guitarist with an unmistakable style and voice that rings true across a variety of sonic landscapes captured in his recording career so far. While his last album with acoustic trio Western Union was described as “a journey through heartfelt alt-country that beautifully conveys a singer/songwriters love affair with the American songbook and a 1930’s Kay guitar”, Sean McMahon and the MoonMen sees him returning to the land of electric guitars, and reunited with Michael Hubbard Hubbard and Josh Duiker of Downhills Home, embracing a more eclectic blend of elements of blues, country, folk and rock’n’roll to deliver a stack of exceptional songs, rich in melody, poetic narrative and poppy hooks.

Matthew Colin is a Vacilador, a man of journey and adventure, seemingly always on the way, and rarely settled. His songs tell of the life less ordinary, celebrating the folks met along the path, loves won and lost, and the lessons of the road. New to Melbourne and with a knack for fast friendship, Matthew has made his way into the local Americana scene bringing a Canadian flavour and traditional country folk songwriting values. An authenticity of heart not to be missed, he is the old friend you never knew you had.